Can your cable TV be replaced with this new HDTV antenna?

Watching cable TV is unfortunately very expensive. It can cost up to £100 per month. So it's no wonder that many people try to watch their desired TV shows at less cost. Some would really not believe that it can be done much cheap than the usual things.

Unfortunately, it's not enough just to cancel your subscription. Exactly the channels you want to watch are not included. In addition there is a huge number of different providers as an alternative. The actual number of the channlers fluctuates enormously. Streaming services like AppleTV, Netflix etc. also have different monthly fees.

In addition, you still need Internet, so you can't get it without a cable connection. We have made ourselves smart, read more below:

DVB-T antenna

A great thing, if you don't need too many channels, is an HDTV antenna. The selection of possible devices is huge, everyone will find something. The installation is child's play and can be done by anyone. Depending on whether one does not live in remote mountain valleys, one receives so many good channels. In our shop you will find a good dvb-t antenna.

Everybody knows YouTube, you don't have to explain it to anyone. For less than £50 per month you get a lot of TV for your money. As long as you have a good internet connection this works very well. You can also watch the desired show on other devices. Recording is also possible, although a bit complicated. We certainly like YouTube very much.

Amazon TV
Who needs Amazon, knows of course also the products of this company. This device is also available for less than £40 and offers a lot of choice. Like Netflix, this service is also a streaming service, which means you need a good Internet connection. HDTV and even 4K is possible without problems. For this you don't need a cable subscription.

Surely someone in your circle of acquaintances has a Netflix subscription. The streaming service from the USA is really very popular in the UK. It offers hundreds of movies, top series, and many documentaries. The best series nowadays are produced by Netflix itself. But if you have a Netflix, you don't have to worry about making new movies.

Then there's Google's Chromecast, which also offers a very good alternative to streaming. The quality is very good, you can also stream your own movies and videos and the size of the device makes it ideal for travel.

You see there is a lot to choose from. In our shop we offer a HDTV antenna, which we have tested ourselves. It's worth trying them out.

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