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Magnetic Eyelashes - 2 pairs

The eyelashes that you wear do not look real?

You have enough of permanent eyelashes, including glued hands and adhesive residue on the eyes? Time to delete the word "glue" from the beauty vocabulary! A beauty novelty helps with the whole drama remedy: magnetic eyelashes.

The magnetic eyelash extension works on a very simple clamping principle: You get for your upper and lower eyelashes each pair of magnetic eyelashes supplied. So these are two eyelash bands that adhere to each other magnetically and you have to pull apart first.

Then comes the step, which requires a little practice in the beginning, but then quickly goes by the hand: Hold one part of the magnetic eyelash bands under your natural lash line, the other over, so that both are as close as possible to the lash line. Here are the tiny magnets that are integrated into the eyelash bands, and even for the artificial eyelashes to clamp on your real ones.